Bouncer Rental FAQ’s

Bouncer Rental Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to put a deposit on my rental?

A 10% deposit is required to reserve your rentals.  If cancellation occurs 7 days prior to the event a refund will be issued.   Cancellation 48 hrs prior and less will forfeit their deposit.  Weather related cancellations will receive a credit to be used within 1 year or it will be forfeited.

Can you set up your inflatables indoors?

Yes, any of our inflatables can be set up indoors at any time of the year in rain, sleet, or snow. Just be sure to check the dimensions of the unit you would like to rent to be sure it fits inside of the facility you will be using. Most of our standard bounce houses are 12-15 feet tall.

Can I keep the rentals overnight?

Yes, if the units are secure overnight accommodations can be made.  However, there is an extra fee for this.  Please call for details.

What do we need to wear on our feet while jumping on the inflatable?

Everyone getting on the inflatable needs to be wearing socks. The renter is responsible for any damage.

Do your bounce houses have roofs?

All of our bounce houses have roofs, except for some of the indoor units.

How far in advance should I reserve my rental?

We suggest at least 2-3 weeks to ensure availability of your rental.

What is the best place to set up the inflatables?

On a flat grassy area where all of the stakes can be anchored and where the area is free of rocks, branches, or other objects that can puncture the unit.  We can also set up on concrete driveways and parking lots.  Please make the area is clear of all objects that could puncture the units.  Also, remember to look up.   The inflatable can be quite tall and hit low hanging trees and power lines.

How much area do I need?

Each Inflatable has its own area requirements. Check the item description for details.

I have a slope in my yard, can the Inflatable be set up?

You should be OK. A slight slope will not affect the set up or performance of the inflatable.

Will the inflatable ruin my grass?

No. The grass will jump back to its natural form within a day or two depending on how tall the grass is.

Does the blower need to be run all the time?

Yes. The inflatable will deflate if the blower is shut off.

How many kids can I have in the inflatable?

Each inflatable has its own limits. It is best to read the rules posted on the inflatable to determine the rider capacity.

Can adults get in the inflatable?

Yes, make sure to read the jumpers limits before using or overloading the jumper.

How much electricity does the inflatable blower use?

Not much. A typical rental will use less than $1 worth of electricity.

Can I use a generator?

Sure. However it is easier to use a standard wall mounted outlet.

Do you supply a generator?

Yes you can rent one from us. We currently charge $50.00 per day for generator rental, and it comes with a full tank of gas.


If you have a question not listed in this bouncer rental FAQ, please contact us and let us know.